In the world of big data, software developers and data analysts often have to write scripts or complex software collections to process data before sending it to a data store for further analysis. This process is commonly called ETL, which stands for Extract, Transform and Load.

What could we use ETL jobs for?

Let’s consider the following example: a medium-sized webshop with a few thousand orders per day exports order information hourly. After a while, we would like to visualize purchase trends, and we might want to share the results between departments or even publicly. …

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Highly available services that serve millions of requests rely on the visibility of the system status for customers and internal teams. This tutorial shows how a lightweight and performant time-series database coupled with queued status checks and a simple UI are key ingredients for robust application monitoring.

Why build a status page for an application?

Even if we design the most reliable systems, incidents will occur for hard-to-predict reasons. It’s critical to provide as much information as possible to users, customers, and service teams. The most convenient way to display this is through a status page.

Although the page’s responsibility is to provide information, it can reduce the…

If you have ever developed microservices, you already know some of the challenges around it. If it’s done right, development can speed up, the cognitive complexity of the services can be decreased, and there are many many more advantages over monoliths. On the other hand, you have to solve different problems, like keeping a level of uniformity among services developed independently by even geographically distributed teams to reduce the maintenance costs. When we list the pros and cons of microservices, we always forget the most crucial question: How will we keep the services uniform?

The Challenge

Let’s imagine the following situation: You’ve…

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